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Ladders are widely used in both domestic as well as in industries and also in outdoor services such as street lights, multistoried buildings, industrial sheds, auditorium’s maintenance etc.

                  Kanishk is committed to total quality management. To continuously improve and maintain the quality we have state of the art manufacturing facilities which are at par with international standards.

Domestic Ladders

In this section you will find the entire range of KanishkMatels Ladders including Step Ladders, Baby Ladders and Excalibur Delux Ladders.

Aluminium Ladders are LightWeight and Durable. These ladders are made of Aluminium and you will find a variety of types of folding ladders. These are useful for you to reach higher places within your home or office.

If you are a first time home buyer, like to fix things in the house, or simply have lots of storage to reach out to, you need to buy a good Ladder

Ironing Boards

In this section you will find the entire range of  Ironing Tables. Ironing Boards from KanishkMatels are designed to make your ironing tasks easy

If you are a first time home buyer or simply looking to get a nice new convenient ironing board, you will find it in this section

Clothes Driers

In this section you will find the entire range of Clothes Driers

A must have clothes drying rack from KaniskMetals. Clothes drying hangers are a must for every household that washes clothes at home – whether by hand or machine wash. These portable clothes drier come with wheels for easy movement to and from the washing area to the drying area.

Whether you are a small or large family, you will find the driers extremely convenient